From the Comments: American Politics without the Romance

Longtime reader (and prolific blogger in his own right) –Rick riffs off of the Obama administration’s latest attempt to flaunt the rule of law:

Many of the tactics being used by Democrats and President Obama, today, derive from past tactics approved by Republican majorities and Republican Presidents who sought to avoid the difficult role of governing properly by seeking work around exceptions to the Constitution by reassigning or allowing the usurpation of powers between branches or though Constitutional amendments on requirements that stood as roadblocks.

So, neither party is better or more moral than the other in this regard.

Read the whole thing. Upon second thought, I probably should have titled this post “politics without romance” and just omitted the “American” part of it. In fact, you can pretty much use –Rick’s comment to explain every social conflict imaginable if you just make sure that the words ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican’ are replaceable by any faction and the word ‘Constitution’ is interchangeable with the word ‘power.’

I got the phrase “politics without romance,” by the way, from Nobel laureate James Buchanan.

2 thoughts on “From the Comments: American Politics without the Romance

  1. Thanks for the point to my blog and comments such as these. I wish I had taken more time to edit and more pithily express my opinions, but your summation is spot on.

    My summary:

    No person or body can be given power over others without the others having the ability to hold accountable and remove from power the corrupt – those who would add power to themselves at the cost of limiting the freedom of others. There must always be a balance between one’s expression of individual rights and accountability for respecting the same rights expressed by others if a democratic Republic is to survive and its citizen are to thrive in peaceful coexistence. Enforcing this balance is the first responsibility of government in my view.

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