6 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. No-no-no, Brandon. It’s a map of manufacturing. Color dots are representing different types of manufacturing: tabacco, paper, oil, chemistry, etc. This kind of maps are usually used in our middle schools (14-16 years old children) on the lessons of geography or history.

    • Ah thank you my friend.

      Sounds like your middle schools (we call the 14-16 age group schools ‘high schools’ in California, and it includes 17-18 year old students as well) are way ahead of ours. Most high school students cannot even find Russia on a map, much less interpret one dedicated to its manufacturing base. Hahah!

  2. In Soviet times, Russian student were already more learned than ours. Our planes were better than Soviet planes though. That’s what counts. And, oh, yes, there is that Internet business.

  3. Fe = Iron, Cu = copper, Au = Gold, Ag = Silver, Zn = zinc, Mo = Molybdenum and so forth. And just for the record, we learned about these chemical symbols and geography and such in Jr. High in the 70’s. Not sure what has happened since.

    “Staying Alive”, “Dirty Dancing”, Bill Clinton presidency may have distracted the masses.

    Sweet map though.

    • Yes, well our public schools still teach chemistry and geography, but we never, ever learned about the physical geography of foreign states.

      Somehow I don’t think Bill Clinton is responsible for the failure of mass education, either. If this were the case, though, then it would certainly make one’s political and moral compass easy to discern!

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