Snowden and Me

Much unnecessary hoopla about Mr Snowden. Much conspiracy theorizing on conservative radio (but not on Rush Limbaugh).

I think things are pretty much the way they look. He has not worked for the Chinese or anyone. Not much that is very new has been revealed. The new things for some people on this blog is that Mr Obama is just as bad (OK, almost as bad ) as Mr Bush. N. S. !

Mr Snowden is almost certainly not guilty of spying: You have to spy for somebody or for something.

Personally, I think he is probably guilty of violating some contract or other that he signed. That’s worth a year in Club Fed with Bernie (what’s his name again?)

Personally, I did not like the blank surveillance cover and the data mining before. I still don’t. I don’t like big government and I don’t like big government doing big things. What’s so hard to understand?

There is one thing I learned again that  I already knew: College is overrated. Mr Snowden, the high-school dropout was earning $200,00 a year, in Hawaii. Of course, he was working for the Fed. Government.

Update: Booz -Allen says that no, he must be bragging, it was only $120,000. That’s before bonuses, of course.

3 thoughts on “Snowden and Me

  1. Rich: You are welcome to catch a ride on my piece but I don’t want anyone to think that you and I are on the same page. We are not. The Constitution is not “jingoist crap, ” as you say. It’s a set of guidelines for civilized living. If there is a better set of guidelines, you would do the world a favor by producing it.

    If you think guidelines are unnecessary, say so.

    What other possibility is there?

    And it’s not ” its’ . ” It’s “its.” (Yes, that was bitchy. I am a mean old man, what can I say?)

    • OK, I fixed the its’ – I stand corrected – and I reworded the “jingoist crap” phrasing to say something closer to what I was thinking. I completely agree with you on the Constitution, but it has been ignored in completely and trashed so frequently as to be a dead letter. I would seriously appreciate it if the government would respect it and act as if it mattered, but the only attention paid to the Constitution right now is in the violation of it and its amendments.

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