Looking Backward: A Review

My Amazon review of Beth Cody’s “Looking Backward: 2162-2012, A View From a Future Libertarian Republic”

The author’s stated goal was to write a libertarian equivalent of Edward Bellamy’s socialist utopian novel “Looking Backward.” She achieves that goal with room to spare.

If I were to judge this novel by its plot, characterization, or dialogue, I would have to knock off a couple of stars. I won’t because those elements, which are crucial to most novels, don’t matter here. The flimsy plot is quite adequate to the author’s purpose which is to portray a near-ideal libertarian society. I wouldn’t call her vision a “utopia” because at several points, Prof. Seeton, the expositor and defender of the new society, admits that it has flaws. He even says it will collapse eventually and only hopes that event will be peaceful.

I almost wished that I too could crawl into a time capsule, as her protagonist does, and go back to a time before I became a libertarian. That’s because this would be such a dandy introduction for someone new to the philosophy. A novice with an open mind would find a trove of solid arguments on nearly every aspect of human life.

Get copies of this book for the young people in your world.

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