Around the Web

  1. Delacroix shares his thoughts on Obama’s re-election.
  2. Cowen on the fiscal cliff.
  3. Oh goody.

I’ve had a crappy midterm session. Forgive my hasty posts of late. On the bright side: I am now officially off the streets (at least until February).

Happy hump day everybody!

2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Brandon: Many people think of you as a natural-born editor, a gifted moderator who seldom or never breaks into a sweat. Please, do not display your feet of clay (and possibly of dogs–t) by whining about midterms. Everyone knows that all undergraduate exams are easy. There are no exceptions. That’s true for the Stanford Special Honors Program for Young Geniuses, for example. Been there done it, I think. Maybe there isn’t one. If there were, I am sure I would have aced it at your age. All it takes, usually is staying off booze and semi-legal drugs for a few days to realize the truth of my statement. Just man up and get back to your usual brilliant display of competence.

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