From the Comments: Social Conservatives Need to Go

Longtime reader –Rick observes:

The Republicans need to re-brand and delete all social conservative positions from their platform. If the God freaks don’t like it, too bad. Let them stay home, vote Democrat or Republican as they wish. So called conservatives should be concentrating on small government, a strong military, a philosophically principled foreign policy, and a secular judiciary that ignores all religions and judges based on the facts and the rule of law.

Their new platform needs to be more inclusive, particularly with Hispanic concerns, not out of a sense of pragmatics, but if America is to develop an expanded trade relationship with Hispanics, how willing will their governments be to participate with radical xenophobes who treat their southern neighbors with disdain in juxtaposition to the favorite status given to our neighbors to the north?

It’s economics. They need jobs, we need workers and an expanded tax base as well as new trading partners. Let the Xenophobes vote with the KKK as a bloc. Their absence won’t be missed. The Constitution states that all men were created equal – not just U.S. citizens and Canadians.

However, I won’t get my hopes up that the leadership will suddenly turn rational and see the possibility of gaining 2 or 3 new voters for every one bigot they ignore in constructing their philosophical/political planks.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. The sooner the GOP turns its back on social conservatives, the sooner it can get back to being a national political party again. Be sure to check out –Rick’s blog here.

3 thoughts on “From the Comments: Social Conservatives Need to Go

  1. Thank you for the commentary and for the point to my blog. I appreciate both and absolutely love coming to this blog. You do amazing work and offer a great contribution to those looking for an understanding of reality and rational thinking. Be well.

  2. Have no fear. I’ll be back to quote a rascally republican who could be mistaken for a waskally wabbit. Have a fabulous evening. [I’m on the east coast].

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