Big Horrors, Small Horrors

“Militia” members guided by official Syrian “security” forces massacre civilians in their houses.They use both tanks and knives. About fifty of the civilians – all terrorist opponents of the Assad regime, of course –  are children under ten. The response of nine rich countries including the US is severe: They call in the Syrian ambassadors, Assad’s buddies all, and they tell them severely to pack up and leave. No ifs and buts; teach the child-killers a lesson; the bastards will get the message now! Every one of those countries has an air force capable of destroying all Syrian tanks within three weeks.

Not so long ago, Arabs of all provenances were infiltrating into Iraq though Syria, precisely. They were on their way to kill the American oppressors who had destroyed that great assassin, the mass murderer of Arabs, Saddam Hussein. Where are the Arab volunteers now infiltrating Syria to go and protect Arab children from Assad’s slaughterers? If I were an Arab man from any country today, I would be dying of shame. Or I would consider donning the hijab. Here is a question: If the violent jihadists could do it, enter Syria clandestinely, why can’t you?

I am repeating myself, I know: When Arabs massacre Arabs it’s not so bad, right?

And, by the way, the silence of the Israeli political class regarding the atrocities next door wins Israel no friends I would guess.

Someone is poisoning schoolgirls in Afghanistan. Could it be the same people who outlawed all girls schools when they were in power? Could it be the same people who later threw acid in girl’s faces? (My info on this comes from the ultra-right wing National Geographic. Note for foreign readers: The National Geographic is actually a left of center magazine if anything. The comment above is sarcastic. It’s intended to make deniers cry.) We are leaving Afghanistan soon. The French , under Socialist president Mr Hollande, are leaving even sooner. Pres. Obama tells us everything will be alright in Afghanistan after we go. I am preparing myself for more shame.

The mainstream libertarian position to all these horrors is: None of our business. Did you hear Congressman’s Paul declaration on the massacres in Syria? You didn’t? My point exactly.

Radioactive material from the ill-fated Japanese power plant has been found in California-caught tuna. A little bit of material. Tuna is radioactive anyway, so are potatoes, so are you. And there is arsenic in tap-water where I live. As always, it’s the quantity that matters.

If you happen to have in your fridge tuna that is radioactive at the level announced by today’s new item, please, send me an email. I will get it off your hands. There is never enough fresh tuna in my life.

Now, on a lighter side: The annual Eurovision contest was held last week in Baku, Baku is not exactly old Europe but the local petro-lords paid for the privilege of hosting this sad event. It’s a sad event because Europe demonstrated once more, for the whole world to see that it has not popular culture to speak of. The Swedish entry won as is often the case in that contest. It may be because Swedes know English better than most other Europeans. English is the only language understood by a fair number of Europeans.

Anyway, no blues, no bluegrass, no country music, not even anything approaching the sheer gall of a Madonna anywhere in Europe. The cultural poverty of Europe is not limited to popular music. There is also no visual art in Europe, no painting, no sculpture. In its best parts – that include much of France – Europe is a good museum. Why so many American Europhiles don’t see the obvious is one of those obdurate mysteries. I guess, if there was no Europe, they would have to invent one. It’s cheaper to close one eye and to keep using the old one. I like the Netherlands though, in spite of everything. And I admire the Swiss who sell chocolate to the world although they have no coca, no sugar, and hardly any milk cows.

Europeans will continue to import American cultural goods as they have been doing since about the end of WWII. They will have to. There is no local substitute. And did you hear about German popular culture? No, you didn’t. Got you again!

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