A Few Fun Links

  1. Europeans: anti-Semitic violence is okay as long as it’s done in the name of Palestine
  2. Five reasons to withdraw from Afghanistan by Malou Innocent in the National Interest
  3. Speaking of Afghanistan, Justin Raimondo wonders if the murderer acted alone
  4. In USAToday (!!) there is a great piece on libertarianism and science. Be warned all ye religious libertarians! (ht Wilson Mixon)

Okay! Okay! Perhaps they’re not that fun, but enlightening I hope.

3 thoughts on “A Few Fun Links

    • Good to hear Hank!

      To be honest, I think us skeptical or atheist libertarians are the most intolerant of all (within the libertarian spectrum, of course). I’m sure you’ve heard us bashing Big J on more than one occasion. Somebody has to bear our crosses for us though!

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