Some Monday Links

John Mearsheimer and the dark origins of realism (The New Statesman)

How Did Asian Countries Vote on the UN’s Ukraine Resolution? (The Diplomat)

Sisyphus’s breaktime (SMBC)

2 thoughts on “Some Monday Links

  1. I’m not a Realist, at least not in the Mearshimer sense. I think though that this article on Mearshimer suffered from at least two defects. One, it cheapshotted the whole discussion by trying to tie this back to Nazi theorists, which is absurd. A much better modern origin for Mearshimer’s brand of realism would be Bismarck whose actions should be directly contrasted with those of Kaiser Wilhelm II. That’s not to endorse Biskmarck in totality, but there was a huge difference between him and what came after. The other cheap shot was the general swipe at Realism in tying it all to the Mearshimer-Kissinger approach, which is not really moral relativism. There are several strands within Realism and a significant part of Realism is trying to analyze and explain, rather than trying to moralize. That said, not all strands of Realism uphold the idea of amorality. As of right now we have a situation where propaganda disguised as moral posturing has precluded any actual discussion or analysis of the situation in Ukraine so anyone who is perceived as even questioning this “moral imperative” is subject to any number of inaccurate attacks.

    • Insightful comment, thanks. Tooze furthered his thoughts in a blog post (, and since im hardly an expert on these things, I try to grasp them as good as I can.
      On a different note, editors should expand their palettes. When an article features “dark” and “origins”, it most likely links the subject-matter to Nazi Germany in general and Carl Schmitt in particular. Boring and repetitive.

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