David Hume and Adam Smith

I recently wrote a short piece for Adam Smith Works, on the influence of David Hume on Adam Smith, in the field of trade and international politics.

You may find it here: https://www.adamsmithworks.org/speakings/van-de-haar-insights-of-david-hume

8 thoughts on “David Hume and Adam Smith

  1. Good read.

    “Hume was a serious economic thinker, another fact that is easily overlooked nowadays”

    Indeed, the broad audience tends to overlook the collaboration needed for intellectual ventures, preferring instead to focus on this or that icon.
    But those versed enough in a given subject will generally be aware of dues to be paid. For example, Thomas Humphrey (a noted scholar of British classical monetary thought), in investigating monetary doctrines, put Hume at the spearhead of the classical counterpropositions versus mercantilist thought (while also briefly acknowledging Smith, and, in more detail, David Ricardo).

    Mercantilists and Classicals: Insights from Doctrinal History (FED Richmond, https://www.richmondfed.org/publications/research/economic_quarterly/1999/spring/humphrey)

    • Thanks Jacques, that is very kind! I have three pieces at Adam Smith Works now, so there is more 🙂

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