1. Experiments in self-reliance (Thoreau to Texas) Jonathan Malesic, Commonweal
  2. The Aztec revival in California’s public schools Christopher Silvester, Critic
  3. Racism, Georgetown law, and Salem witch trials John McWhorter, It Bears Mentioning
  4. How Ron Paul empowered the Federal Reserve George Selgin, Alt-M

One thought on “Nightcap

  1. Jonathan: Mel Gibson’s “Apocalipto” was about the Mayas, I think. Other than that, you are right on point except, perhaps, too moderate. The Aztec engaged in massive cannibalism. That’s one of the reasons Cortez was able to defeat the mighty, warlike Aztec Empire: The Aztecs’ neighbors were tired of being eaten and they mostly sided with him. There is a good chance the children who are made to pray in Nuhatl and in the language of the Maya in California are the descendants of the eaten rather than of the eaters.

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