1. Reading Antigone in the age of coronavirus Spencer Klavan, L & L
  2. Rawls, Antigone, and the tragic irony of norms Aris Trantidis, NOL
  3. The Arctic is starting to really heat up Sharon Burke, War on the Rocks
  4. First among Satans (fantastic) Kareem Shaheen, Newlines

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “The Arctic is starting to really heat up”: Might it not be more helpful to consider this in contest with both previous warmings and the related changes simultaneously affecting other areas?

    • I don’t even care about the climate, Jack, I am more interested in the geopolitics behind the latest warming. Will the US be on the hook for Canada’s and Scandinavia’s defense, or can the US manage to muster up some courage and try to federate with the aforementioned free riders?

      To me, that’s the bigger issue, not the climate (which is always changing).

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