1. Essential essay on Sino-American relations since Nixon Orville Schell, The Wire China
  2. Does capitalist democracy have a problem with public health? Blake Smith, Age of Revolutions
  3. Is birthright citizenship the foundation of American democracy? Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, Nation
  4. Nobody tell Joakim about this (our bookless future) Mark Bauerlein, Claremont Review of Books

One thought on “Nightcap

  1. “No tell Joakin about this”: The arrival of books greatly magnified the capacities of n enlarged number of people. Does not the spread of little screens appear to be multiplying that multiplication? And what of the gift/threat of direct computer interface? Such progressions have never been free, but human behavior seems programmed to pursue them. Perhaps that will get us off this doomed planet in time to dodge extinction …

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