1. Why didn’t we see this coming? Scott Sumner, MoneyIllusion
  2. Against ageism Irfan Khawaja, Policy of Truth
  3. Expose the young Robin Hanson, Overcoming Bias
  4. Humility, not certainty Victor Davis Hanson, City Journal

3 thoughts on “Nightcap

    • Nah, Sumner, R. Hanson, and Khawaja are three of my favorite thinkers. That’s an interesting take though!

    • I’m not a traditional religious believer or theist at all, let alone a Jew or a Christian, but I’ve been influenced in some ways by Jewish and Christian (and Muslim) religious ethics. The ageism post is one example, partly inspired by having lived life in a traditional Muslim family, and having learned philosophy in a Catholic setting. So the distinction between “Judeo-Christian” and “post-Christian” doesn’t have clear application to me. In one sense, both fit; in another sense, neither do.

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