1. In the 1940s, one-third of Baghdad was Jewish Farah Abdessamad, Asian Review of Books
  2. Theory of non-territorial internal exit Trent MacDonald, SSRN
  3. Native American reservations as socialist archipelagos Andrei Znamenski, Mises Daily
  4. East meets West at Ueno Kōen Nick Nielsen, The View from Oregon

3 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “Native American reservations as a socialist archipelago”: And also as an enduring national disgrace not duplicated in Latin America … But then, neither is North American development …

    • Latin American countries actually have tons of reservations, they’re just not as efficient nor as bureaucratic as ours. (Informal reservations if you will.)

    • It’d be nice if we could just get rid of ours. Offer the Natives sovereignty or statehood, and if they don’t want either just dissolve the reservations into the states that they’re located in.

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