1. We’re still living in Stalin’s world Diana Preston, New York Times
  2. The state is a predator, not a tool Joseph Salerno, Mises Wire
  3. The world is increasingly fragile Scott Sumner, MoneyIllusion
  4. Facts about Gustav Klimt Zoë Vanderweide, Sotheby’s

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “The State Is A Predator” generated two thoughts: The first was that naming anything attached to politics seems likely to guarantee controversy pretty much by definition. And second, that if society springs naturally from human behavior, so does government and therefore, the state; are not society and the state then different segments of the same continuum?

    • I tend to agree, Jack, though the strangest part of Salerno’s essay was his use of the term “muscular” to describe his preferred strain of libertarianism…

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