Be Our Guest: “Suing Juul Won’t Solve Anything”

NOL‘s “Be Our Guest” feature is as popular as ever this year. Here’s John Lancaster with the latest:

Peer driven rumors, videos of experimentation, forums, news, and entertainment sources provide nigh infinite opportunities for young ones to pick up on vices. The appeal of vaping would’ve caused widespread exposure through said channels anyway. The most marketing does at that point is convince the willing participants to choose a particular brand rather than take on the act itself.

Juul is a company that sells vapes, which are those cigarette replacements that have been so popular lately. Please, read the rest, and shoot us an email if you want your voice heard!

3 thoughts on “Be Our Guest: “Suing Juul Won’t Solve Anything”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I saved this part to ruminate over-

    …”No amount of lawsuits or restitution can remedy short sighted, ineffectual techniques. Ignoring this fragility is a recipe for history to repeat itself and allows another dangerous habit to take hold in the unforeseen future.”…

    • It seems that questionable techniques have made it into regulatory requirements-

      “RCP8.5 – and only RCP8.5 – is mandated by law to be used by the US National Marine Fisheries Service in its implementation of the Endangered Species Act

      Once you starting digging you find that there is no bottom.”

  2. Is it not more pertinent to ask whether public school districts are chartered to spend public money attacking lawful suppliers of whose products they may disapprove?

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