1. The waning fortunes of classical liberalism John McGinnis, Law & Liberty
  2. The worst people of 2019 Liza Featherstone, Jacobin
  3. Putin’s Russia, 20 years on Marc Bennetts, Politico
  4. The cubicle archipelago Scott Beauchamp, American Affairs

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “The Cubicle Archipelago” author and the reviewer seem to concentrate upon the results of interactions between human individuals and their business institutions with great interest in the variations in those institutions but comparatively little attention to the applicable features of the inherent nature of the individuals, as if those were unimportant ..?

    • Good point, Jack. I think there’s an assumption built in to most American scholarship on work that employees in office settings are uncreative drones with college degrees and retirement goals, but not much else…

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