1. The pernicious legacy of Vladimir Lenin Gary Saul Morson, New Criterion
  2. Mendacious fictions: left-wing anti-Semitism Rahul Rao, Disorder of Things
  3. Virtue signalling and vice signalling John Quiggin, Crooked Timber
  4. The GOP’s civil war continues to rage on Fred Barnes, Modern Age

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “The GOP’s Civil War” seems another favorable review of another anti-Trump book. Isn’t someone, somewhere, seriously writing of why Trump was elected … and of why so many people are demonstrating dissatisfaction with government worldwide?

    • Good questions, Jack, both of them. Jacques and Bruno have both written on Trump (and his Brazilian version, Bolsonaro, in Bruno’s case). They both argue that the left is to blame for Trump/Bolsonaro. That’s a game I don’t want to play, even if they are correct.

      The “dissatisfaction with government worldwide” question is much more appealing. I don’t have a definitive answer, but it seems to me that more people want their governments to do more for them and, at the same time, less for people not like them. Nobody wants liberty these days. They want democracy.

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