1. Scientific self-abnegation Nick Nielsen, Grand Strategy Annex
  2. Logic and emotion: notes on Bach Anitra Pavlico, 3 Quarks Daily
  3. Max Weber, Islamism, and modernity Shahrukh Khan, JHIBlog
  4. The rise of moral simplicity Chris Dillow, Stumbling & Mumbling

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Ok,

    How do you do it. Do you have a team of x, y or z’s aiding you in putting together such insightful readings!

    It’s getting to the point that I feel need to revert back in time (to the days before the pesky interrupters of reflective thought that are built into modern life). Thank goodness I finished my masters before the internet of all disruptors took hold.

    And on a less serious, or maybe not, note the UK Government’s New Energy Policy is out-

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