1. Isolated in Africa, Chinese workers get religion en masse Yuan & Huang, Global Times
  2. Explaining Hazony’s nationalism Arnold Kling, askblog
  3. A prison journalist doing work — from the inside Daniel Gross, Literary Hub
  4. Character-based voting and the policy of truth Irfan Khawaja, Policy of Truth

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Does anyone understand the point that Kling and/or Hazony are making about the relation between legitimacy based on voluntary acceptance, and consent? On the one hand, the claim is that in a legitimate government, we obey the law “voluntarily”; on the other hand, the claim is that we do not consent to government. How can we not consent to government if we obey it voluntarily? Coming the other way around,: how can we obey it voluntarily if we don’t consent to it? Even if Hazony wants to broaden consent beyond the Lockean account, that’s still a broadening of the conditions of consent, not a nullification of the role of consent. The combination of claims that Kling attributes to Hazony does not seem coherent.

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