1. The Prophet Muhammad’s winged horse, Buraq Yasmine Seale, Public Domain Review
  2. Cool-headed deliberation is the job, after all Gina Schouten, Crooked Timber
  3. Kavanaugh’s confirmation won’t free all of Trump’s minions Ken White, Popehat
  4. How the Left enabled fascism David Winner, New Statesman

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Greetings,

    I read your article on colonialism. It’s good work. And I agree with your conclusion. I would simply like to point out that many if not most US students will never be taught this information before college. Perhaps not even in college. What they will be taught is that “Europeans” began to “build empires” and “civilize savage lands” during the colonial era. That it was “The White Mans Burden” to bring civilization to the world. I learned all these things as part of my basic education in the US. I came to understand that white culture and society represented the pinnacle of humanity. From Jesus, to Santa Claus, to Shakespeare, there is nothing that Europe/western civilization did not create. The rest of the world were savages until Europe blossomed. This is what I was taught in school. Until I reached college, of course. But Europe and western civilization give themselves credit for enriching the entire world through colonialism. Europe and western civilization take credit for everything historically significant in the modern era. So it would follow that when fingers start to be pointed as to the ills of colonial expansionism, Europe and western civilization would get a lions share of the blame. I agree with you. It’s not fair. But one cannot take all the credit for almost every social and civil advancement the world has ever known. And at the same time avoid responsibility for the mess created in the process.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Timothy.

      In the six years since I wrote that blog post I have been doing a lot of thinking on how to resolve the conundrum you outline: “The West did bad things and good things, so how do we keep the good and discard the bad?” My answer has drifted towards federation. Here’s a taste!

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