1. Meet “Ninja,” electronic gaming’s first big star Elaine Teng, ESPN
  2. India’s response to China’s rise TV Paul, War on the Rocks
  3. The Dutch in Java Jenny Watson, Berfrois
  4. Nancy MacLean’s bad faith is getting tiresome Steven Teles, Niskanen

4 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Question for those more abreast than me: do conservatives or libertarians have an equivalent of Nancy MacLean? All sides have irresponsible pseudo-scholars, but how often do the various camps launch one of them to undue prominence instead of just ignoring them?

    • I think Murray Rothbard. I acknowledge Rothbard’s contribution to the libertarian movement, but when I read over his work, especially his historical work, it’s clear that he was more an activist than academic. I think Rothbard’s fame is mostly contained to the Internet though.

    • Conceived in liberty and the panic of 1819 and his history of economic thought all solid works. Adam Smith had plenty of critics.

      The great depression is a reasonable book as well.

      Which book are you pointing to was his worst as a work of history

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