Vox on Puerto Rican statehood

Vox, a left-wing publication founded by a fellow Bruin (Ezra Klein), has a pretty good piece up on Puerto Rico’s inability to “gain statehood,” i.e. to become a full-fledged member of the American federation. I say “pretty good” instead of great because the author, Alexia Fernández Campbell, does too much Trump-bashing and not enough focusing on the issue at hand.

Look, I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t like Trump. But the Left’s infatuation with him is unhealthy, the way the Right’s infatuation with Obama was unhealthy. When Obama was president, I wanted so badly to rely on the right-leaning press for excellent opposition coverage of the Obama administration but, with few exceptions, all I got was garbage. The experience jaded me, and I expect less of the press, so the Left’s inability to look at the Trump administration’s many wrongdoings with clear-eyed sobriety is annoying rather than disheartening.

For instance, Campbell points out many problems facing the pro-statehood faction in Puerto Rico: a century-old racist SCOTUS ruling, the lack of a clearly-defined process for gaining statehood, anti-statehood factions in Puerto Rico, Washington’s lack of interest in adding another state, and Donald Trump being A Very Bad Man. One of these problems doesn’t fit into Puerto Rico’s decades-long campaign to gain statehood. Can you guess which one? Annoying!

At any rate, Campbell misses one of the problems facing pro-statehood factions: Puerto Rico would be a “blue” state (overseas readers: “blue state” means a reliable vote for the Democratic Party). If Puerto Rico really wants to become a member of the American federation, its policymakers would do well to start looking for a “red” state (reliable vote for the Republican Party) lobbying partner.

12 thoughts on “Vox on Puerto Rican statehood

  1. “But the Left’s infatuation with him is unhealthy, the way the Right’s infatuation with Obama was unhealthy.”
    Utter bullshit. Don’t even try to equate the worthless piece of shit currently in the white house with his predecessor. The right’s infatuation with Obama was based on their racism. The left’s infatuation with Trump is based on his racism. And his corruption. And his mendacity. And his mental instability. And his misogyny. What do his own top staff have to say about Cadet Bone Spurs? He’s an idiot. A fucking moron. Has the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader. A threat to national security. He runs crazytown. What is unhealthy is trying to pretend that Trump is anything other than a complete disaster for the country and the rest of the world.

    • And the anonymous author of the NYT editorial made my point for me!

  2. Puerto Rico should imply that Russia wants to annex it. Get American jealousy to do the job, you know? /joking

  3. I think the most important thing to understand is the fact that Trump cannot be compared to any other presidents before him. He is unprecedented at levels that are confounding and generally acknowledged as intentionally outside any norms. Folks on any level of the political spectrum are still trying to decipher their emotions from the “facts” with him because of his blatant deceitfulness. How can you try and make it seem he is being strategic with the policies that are “succeeding” in his presidency when it is becoming clearer day by day by even even his senior staff that they are the ones making sure to steer policy towards the “conservative norm”. He is clearly incompetent. He is acknowledged as a co-conspirator to a crime already. This is important in understanding the fact that most of what he says and does seems to be focused on one goal, to convince his base his perspective is the true perceptive. By trying to give full responsibility to this current “president” in what is succeeding and what isn’t, we are ignoring the fact that there are constant alarms going off pointing to the fact this particular man is not fit to be president no matter what your political affiliation is. So why try and defend him at all when there is no sign that he is actually aware of what he is even doing? Why defend someone who isn’t demonstrating even the most basic knowledge of these topics experts like yourself understand are more complicated than the rhetoric he spews?

    • But Trump is not the first of his kind. There is a long ling of populist presidents in American history (all of them bad from a libertarian point of view). Situating Trump in this, more historically astute, framework is far better for your health than turning him into evil incarnate…

    • Yea I get that he isn’t the first of his kind but my point is he is still unprecedented for this time. I don’t believe in evil, I just can’t stand that he clearly does not give a rats ass about policy or this country. To normalize this particular person is choosing to ignore some of the blatant red flags when it comes to what we are accepting to be as a country and I guarantee normalizing Trumps behavior gets us further away from having personal freedoms.

      Anyway, I enjoy your posts Brandon!

    • A guarantee, eh? I might take you up on that offer.

      Just two things, old friend (“James” threw me off): 1) You don’t believe in evil? I do… 2) Is it possible that Trump does give a rat’s ass about the US, and that his vision for the republic is simply different than your own?

  4. Haha, Yea I guess my guarantees mean nothing….I can live with that.

    Just thought I’d go with my formal name to seem smarter haha.

    Yes Cambodia’s history is horrendous…still don’t believe in evil. Just power dynamics. When you let careless people rule they do everything they can to stay in power. We let careless people rule when we allow con artists and people who know how to manipulate vulnerable people who are living in shitty conditions. That’s why we are all looking for better ways to make a society function healthily.

    I can agree with you that the republicans and conservatives view “the republic” differently than me but i have never been so sure in my life that trump himself doesn’t have any ideas at all in that head of his. He is purely parroting what’s around him and as we saw recently his own administration is admitting that they are calling the shots….I know this post was about Puerto Rico…which is more important than bashing trump (I do agree) but for me I am not just saying these things to be on there leftist bandwagon. I am surprised how many people actually think this man has any capabilities to comprehend politics and how to deal with the world.

    I think this is one of the rarest times that the anger towards a president isn’t just about side taking but the fact that he is blatantly wrong for the job. He is blatantly a lying sack of shit.

    Again I love reading your stuff. I have lots of disagreements but I also really value learning from you where I can see I have blind spots. I don’t care about disagreements I care about choosing people who are good at manipulating vulnerable people.

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