Eye Candy: The Age of Borders

NOL map the age of borders
Click here to zoom

I think the border dates for Europe are a disingenuous in places, such as the Czech Republic’s 1459 border with Germany (neither of these two countries existed then) and the borders of the Balkan states (Yugoslavia?). Other than a few discrepancies here and there, it’s a pretty cool map. (h/t Bill Easterly)

2 thoughts on “Eye Candy: The Age of Borders

  1. Pretty cool map. For some reason I can’t open it bigger or “click to zoom” on mobile. It seems like it keeps trying to redirect me somewhere and ends up being a blank page.

    • Thanks. I tried it on my phone (a really old Samsung) and it worked fine (I zoomed in manually), but my browser crashed after a few minutes.

      I know that doesn’t help, but I’m all about solidarity baby!

      PS: Happy Easter!

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