Déjà vu

A certain group claims to represent the middle class. It wants to nationalize one fifth of the economy. It refuses to accept the results of an election it lost, and claims its loss was the result of a conspiracy. Before losing, it uses the police unlawfully to try and smear its opponents. It’s obsessed with race. It interferes grossly with freedom of speech in universities, including with goons threatening speakers with a different viewpoint. Some of its main newspapers demand that a public document not become public. Its leaders publicly threaten the duly elected head of the executive branch. The group tries to combat moral decadence by destroying works of art. It is especially adamant against works of art that remind the nation of its historical past. Sounds familiar?

2 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. I give up. What previous time does this evoke? Nazi Germany perhaps? (But what 1/5 of the economy did they want to nationalize? and what works of art did they destroy?) The French Revolution? Similar, but I don’t see all the parallels you mention. I give up. Please give me a hint.

    • Nazi Germany. 1/5 of the economy is the health industry. The works of art are statues of Confederate figures, mostly generals. (I am not pronouncing on artistic quality. Anything intended as a work or art is a work of art. ) Tell me your other questions.

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