Illegal Immigration: Pres. Trump’s New Measures

I can’t wait for the raging assaults by the pseudo-cultural elite and by the media against Pres. Trump to stop to begin criticizing some of his decisions, as I would with any other president.

I have heard and read reports that the president intends to launch a policy of accelerated repatriation of illegal aliens. It will single out criminals for priority deportation (as was the case under Mr Obama). At this point, almost everybody agrees about getting rid of illegal aliens who are real criminals, especially the violent ones. Again, the new policy sounds a lot like Mr Obama’s, with a few details different. The details often matter when it comes to human lives, also when it comes to traditions of government. Here are two such details.

First, I have heard that even traffic tickets qualify an illegal alien for quick deportation. Make a wrong u-turn and your life gets broken up.

Second, I have heard and read that even being merely charged with a crime places you at the head of the line for deportation. Someone who looks like you steals a car. You get charged by mistake. You are gone.

The first detail seems awfully rough to me. I would feel better if the word “recidivist” were included. A person who breaks driving rules repeatedly is a trouble-maker we can do without. A guy who is too distracted to interpret the U-turn sign (could be me – once) is not exactly a criminal in the real sense of the word.

It’s true that such extreme severity would improve the driving of all illegal aliens. The claim is probably also correct however that it would interfere with aliens’ (legal and not) willingness to cooperate with the local police. Aside from this, I would bet it would involve significant law enforcement costs just to process traffic tickets through to the Immigration Service. I am a conservative, I am against big government, even against big government at the local level. I don’t want tax money, federal, state, or local, to be wasted processing a U-turn violator. It seems irrational to me.

The second, detail concerns the treatment of people only charged with a crime. It’s simple. I just don’t want any of them to be included in the priority list. Having any branch of government treating the accused as guilty simply goes too strongly against everything I believe. It’s un-American.

Yes, I have not forgotten that the subjects have no right to be in the country in the first place. I don’t care. It’s not about illegal aliens’ rights. Immigrants, legal or not, have no rights as a category as far as I am concerned. They only possess the ordinary human rights of anyone under American jurisdiction.

It’s about a slippery slope for all. If we begin officially thinning out the traditional wall between “charged” and “guilty,” where are we going to stop?

I understand that a lawyer would argue that the person is technically not being deported for the imaginary crime of being charged but because he has no right to be in the country, period. Do you know the one about the lawyer….

6 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration: Pres. Trump’s New Measures

  1. Overall, I agree with this post that Trump’s (and Obama’s) deportation efforts violate equality before the law and are draconian. But this paragraph is bizarre:

    “Yes, I have not forgotten that the subjects have no right to be in the country in the first place. I don’t care. It’s not about illegal aliens’ rights. Immigrants, legal or not, have no rights as a category as far as I am concerned. They only possess the ordinary human rights of anyone under American jurisdiction.”

    It seems like, prima facie, the last sentence (which I agree with) contradicts the first three. Can you clarify what you mean? Is it just you don’t think they have rights beyond those ordinary Americans have?

    • ZaK: Thanks for your comment but I don’t know what you find bizarre. Let me say the same things in a different way.

      “Illegal aliens” means “illegal.” Obviously, it ‘s their presence in the country that is illegal, not them. This sentence should be self-evident except for those who believe in open borders. I don’t because, it seems obvious to me that open borders would quickly result in the swamping of the very constitutional arrangements most likely to lead to diminished government.

      Illegal immigrants have the normal human rights and the constitutional rights that apply to all who live under the effective control of the United States. Both categories of rights apply to individuals. Illegal immigrants don’t have collective rights, such as African-Americans, for example, might have.

      Tell me that you are an illegal immigrant, an “undocumented worker,” it gets you nothing from me.

      The statement is a reaction to the influence of many years of identity politics in this country (the US). It may be superfluous depending on where you are and what you read. In the People’s Green Democratic Republic of Santa Cruz, California where I live, the statement has to be made loudly.

      Deporting illegal aliens merely charged with crimes is a slippery slope. I hope that’s obvious. A twisted, devious lawyer might argue that since all illegal aliens are deportable, no injustice is done to those who are deported for being only charged with a crime. My answer is that I am less concerned with the fate of the deported than with the erosion of a principle – the presumption of innocence – that is central to our system of justice and therefore, to all who live under the jurisdiction of the United States.

      Congrats, you made me right a response that is longer than the original micro-essay!

      PS I am not a pure and real libertarian; I am invited here for reasons of charity.

    • I meant “write” a response, not “right.” Problem is that I talk to myself when I write and I have a confusing accent. Go figure!

  2. How about a policy of deporting any illegal immigrant who comes to official notice for any reason, whatsoever? Traffic stop, accused of a crime, anything. If you were guilty of a crime and stopped for a routine traffic violation, the cops would bust you for the crime as well as write you a ticket. That sounds sensible to me. Ditto if you are accused of a crime, and, the cops notice while they have you in custody that you are committing another crime. Of course they would bust your for that too, regardless of whether you were guilty of the other crime or not. How is this different than Trump’s policy?

    Seems to me you are opposed to illegal immigration being treated like a crime, because you don’t really think it is a crime. That is a different issue entirely. Try your arguments on a crime you are actually morally offended by, and they will sound crazy.

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