Notes On Liberty ART

Cheerted Keo, who is a friend of mine and an aspiring Cambodian artist by way of Holland, is in the process of creating a banner or logo for our “Notes On Liberty” website. Inspired by the subtitle ‘Spontaneous thoughts on a humble creed’ and by Friedrich Hayek’s insights on ‘dispersed knowledge’, he has come up with an art work that represents our libertarian philosophy. His work symbolizes Hayek’s key observation that information is decentralized and that each individual knows just a small fraction of what is collectively known. The result of that, as Hayek has clearly stated in his seminal work The Use of Knowledge in Society (1945), is that it is best to let those with local knowledge make their own decisions in how to plan their own lives.

Although I know that the product is not finished yet, I would already like to share his work in progress with you – click on the images to enlarge them.

Cheerted Keo Notes on Liberty sketchCheerted Keo Notes On Liberty wipCheerted Keo Notes on Liberty wip 2

Please share your thoughts with us about the work. He is making the art work for free, but I thought it would be great to give him some exposure in return. Thus, if you appreciate his work, please spread word about this awesome up-and-coming artist.

If you would like to know more about Cheerted Keo’s works, you can visit his website here: He is quickly building up his portfolio, has had several exhibitions and is also selling some of his art works.

2 thoughts on “Notes On Liberty ART

  1. I have the aesthetic sensibilities of a turnip so take my opinion with a boulder sized grain of salt. I really like his notions.

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