Don’t Let Me Design Your Retaining Wall!

The State of California says I’m qualified to practice civil engineering. That means you can trust me to design structures that achieve a high degree of safety, economy, reliability, and maintainability. I even have an official rubber stamp that I can apply to drawings or calculations. It is supposed to guarantee that I know what I’m doing and that I follow generally accepted best practices.

But I haven’t practiced engineering in decades. I used my license perhaps half a dozen times in the 1970s. My rubber stamp has sat idle ever since.   More …

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me Design Your Retaining Wall!

  1. Even better, at least here, you (Warren) can stamp my electrical drawing and completely override the NEC, as a civil. I’ve seen corporate IEs do it in industry, and I’ve seen both fire and ammonia hazards as a result.

    On the other hand, our state licensing board is simply a guild, who no longer bothers to use the law, as written, and simply acts to protect its friends, without regard for the citizens well-being. One is better off without the licensing, and letting reputation rule.

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