Growing Weed in Humboldt County (and the Economics of Prohibition)

And yet California, long the marijuana movement’s pacesetter, and a haven for high-capacity growers, finds itself in the perhaps-unwelcome position of losing outlaws like Ethan. Should the state follow Colorado’s and Washington’s leads in legalizing recreational use, as is expected, already-fragile economies in the north—specifically in the “Emerald Triangle” of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties, home to some quarter of a million people—could be crippled. The “prohibition premium” that keeps marijuana prices, and those economies, aloft would fall, possibly so precipitously that many growers would lose their incentive and (perhaps ironically) leave for more-punitive regions. In recent years, many growers have reportedly left California for places like Wisconsin and North Carolina—markets where a pound of marijuana might fetch double what it does in the Golden State. Legalization helps keep growers out of jail, but regulation slashes their profit margins.

This is from Lee Ellis in The Believer. Read the whole thing, it’s a great piece of journalism, although I don’t link to this because I think it’ll teach readers anything new. I just like it because it reports on one of my old stomping grounds. I don’t smoke much pot anymore, but there is nothing quite like smoking weed from Humboldt County.

4 thoughts on “Growing Weed in Humboldt County (and the Economics of Prohibition)

  1. “I don’t smoke much pot anymore, but there is nothing quite like smoking weed from Humboldt County.”

    I’m heading off to the EGOS conference in Rotterdam at the end of the month and then to Amsterdam for vacation. I’ll put Amsterdam up against Humboldt county any day.

    • Hahah!

      I remember smoking with a Dutchman a few years back in San Francisco. We had been smoking a Humboldt strain called ‘Blue Dot’ and I was hiiiiiighya than high. I asked the Dutchman if he knew where my hands were, and after he laughed at me he told me that he couldn’t even feel it.

      That stuff didn’t even phase him.

  2. Liked your post. I am thinking about traveling to norcal this fall to try and land some trimming jobs. I know there are millions of people trying this, so thats why I am seeking a knowledgeable person like yourself. What is it like trying to land a trimming job? When and where to search? and any helpful hints you might have would be nice. Take it easy. Peace and love. Nathaniel

    • Nathaniel,

      Don’t think about going, just do it! You won’t regret it. Norcal is the best place in all of the United States.

      As for going there to pick up a job trimming: Don’t. If you head to Norcal specifically to trim weed you’re going to end up bitter and broke very quickly. What I would suggest doing is finding a town (Arcata is nice) and picking up a job busing tables or making sandwiches.

      This will help you get established with the locals, who will then in turn come to trust you much more than they would an out-of-towner looking to trim for the fall. You get my drift? You may get lucky and find a job trimming once you get to Norcal, but it will not be with a legitimate operation.

      Get yourself a n above-the-table job at first, get to know the locals, and then ask around for trimming jobs. This is the way to finding good trimmers, good people, good times, and more girls.

      Happy Trails, Nathaniel!

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