Around the Web

  1. A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside of an Enigma
  2. Gary Becker on François Ewold on Michel Foucault on Gary Becker (pdf)
  3. Check Your Obedient Privilege
  4. Political scientist Jason Sorens on the difference between states and governments
  5. Rational expectations don’t require smart people
  6. The State as a Metanarrative (when post-modernism meets libertarianism; h/t Mark Brady)
  7. Twisting Libertarianism (a great debunking of the most recent prominent straw man attack on libertarianism)
  8. A Liberty Society versus a Status Society

3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. “The ideological Turing test, modeled on Alan Turing’s 1950 thought experiment for measuring the approximation of intelligence in computers, is relatively simple. It holds that a political partisan can be said to adequately understand opposing ideas if he is able to articulate them in such a way that his explanation would be indistinguishable from an explanation offered by a person holding those ideas when judged by a neutral panel.”

    This is my goal & motivation for hanging out here. I want to be able to pass the ideological Turing test for Libertarian thinking. It’s been slow going so far.

    • You’re a rare breed from the Left, to be sure.

      And, to be honest (as well as sure), the less people on the Left attempt to understand our arguments and positions, the more influential libertarianism will become.

      Think about it this way: In universities today, even the top-ranked ones, faculty is dominated by those on the ideological Left and as a result the Right-wing arguments being put forth out in the real world are treated in a superficial – if not outright false – manner by Left-wing professors in the classroom. As a small and probably insignificant example, I minored in Middle Eastern studies at UCLA and the work of Bernard Lewis, a conservative and extremely influential historian at Princeton, was never even mentioned let alone recommended (I only came across his work because I read Said’s Orientalism very critically; it was a great book and I can see why it was hailed as groundbreaking back in the 70s, but it’s 2014 now).

      As a result, when graduates enter the real world and attempt to do battle, they end up getting clobbered by their opponents on the Right (who, incidentally, received the same education as their Leftist peers but also took the time to educate themselves on the positions of libertarians and conservatives).

    • PS: Thanks for hanging out here. That invitation to blog with us is still open (blogging might even help get you promoted from house liberal to house progressive!).

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