Around the Web: Highly Recommended Reading Edition

  1. Fantastic post about Uganda’s role (and a Ugandan’s perspective) in the ongoing South Sudan conflict.
  2. Sexual mores: Love in a cold climate. I live in California, but my ancestors come from the frozen wastelands of Scandinavia and northern Germany. Rawr!
  3. The unacknowledged success of neoliberalism.
  4. One of my favorite bloggers (Scott Sumner) is joining one of my favorite group blogs (EconLog). I’m a huuuuge fan of group blogs (they’re pretty much the only type of blog I read), so I hope he decides to stay on as a permanent contributor.
  5. Inglorious Revolutions. Why the West is kinda, sorta hypocritical when it comes to the Arab Spring.

3 thoughts on “Around the Web: Highly Recommended Reading Edition

  1. From Scott Sumner
    “Hillary Clinton is an impressive speaker, but not likable. I have nothing to say about her views on foreign policy. But in response to a final question on drugs (from a Latin American reporter), she said drug legalization would do no good because drug dealers are really bad people, and they would simply do other crimes. No discussion of how America’s murder rate fell in half after alcohol was legalized in 1933. I think she’d be even worse (from a libertarian perspective) than Obama-and that’s an already low bar for a Democrat.”

    Sigh. This from someone who could be the next President. Sometimes I despair.

    • Sometimes I despair.

      As you should. It’s not as if you (as a voter) have much of an alternative, though.

      Gary Johnson, my 2016 hopeful, destroyed any chance he had by running as a (capital L) Libertarian in 2012 after getting pummeled in the GOP primaries, so there’s plenty of despair to go around.

  2. Oddly enough, if I were a single-issue voter Rand Paul is looking like the candidate I’d be pulling for….the NSA surveillance state built by both republicans and democrats is my most worrisome issue. Lo and behold

    What will be the core of his campaign….
    “While some of that means continuing to push for lower taxes and cutting spending while waging a ceaseless and seemingly losing battle against Obamacare, the heart of Paul’s plan is to make Fourth Amendment and civil liberties issues central to his year.”

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