A Warm Welcome

Hello dear readers (all three of you). I’ve been a bit behind in my introductions, and I apologize for that, so without further adieu I’d like to introduce Dr Claudio Shikida and Edmund Cotter to the team.

Dr Shikida received his PhD in economics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and now teaches economics at IBMEC-Minas Gerais. He has taught and performed research at numerous universities around the world, including UCLA. He also blogs at De gustibus non est disputandum.

You can find Dr Shikida’s first post here. We are honored to have him join with us in experimenting with a multilingual blog. Libertarianism is an international creed, and I think that exposing more people to more languages and more worldviews (worldviews based around the freedom of the individual, I might add) will help contribute in some small way to a better world.

Ed has a B.A. in Communications from George Mason University. He believes in the creation of a broad coalition of the Liberty Movement with greens, progressives, and technocrats. He supports the off-the-grid and sustainability movement as he believes it is the most tactical way to support libertarian causes. He is a small-scale produce farmer. The issues he considers most important are the Federal Reserve and the foreign policy in the Middle East. He is currently working on a book and several screenplays for the libertarian cause.

George Mason is, of course, is known for its free market bias among universities. I found Edmund plying his trade on the Young American for Liberty blog and thought he’d be a great addition to the team here. You can find his thoughts here.

3 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

  1. Claudio Shikida thanks you so much. I hope to help in this blog. Unfortunately my English is not good enough to express fully my joy to be here. I really thank the kind (and warm) welcome words.

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