Liberty Movement Cannot Just Rely on the Right

In order for the liberty movement to make things work, they need to do a little bit of the left and right at both times. For every “liberal” government program they cut, they have to cut a “conservative” government program. For every right-wing cause they champion, they must champion a left-wing one. The severity of this problem really sunk in when I noticed how much the Koch brothers had co-opted the Liberty Movement. If libertarians do not stress their common ground with liberals, they are going to be screwed. Sure, it is important to take over the Republican Party, but at the same time, they have to appeal to a significant portion of liberals and Democrats.

I’ve been to many events that I suspect were likely funded by the Kochs, to one degree or another. Although I support the economic ideas promoted, they speak half-truths and promote half-ideas. They use silence to omit half of the core libertarian message. They use the word “liberty” over and over again, until the word loses meaning. They are obsessed with “taking over the Republican Party”, and marginalize all those who support the Libertarian third party. They talk about repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes, loosening regulations, and cutting welfare, but that is about it. Koch-sponsored events barely scratch the surface on the following topics: the drug war, the police state, the neoconservative Middle Eastern foreign policy, the growth of the defense department, corporate bailouts, corporate subsidies, private prisons, CIA-backed dictatorships overseas, or any of the social issues linked to the Christian Right.

I have become incredibly jaded and exhausted with the talk about “appeasing to the Republican base”. There is no longer any reason to care what pro-lifers and evangelicals say, or cater to their opinions. No one need care what some old, chubby, white haired, closet racist, small town gladhanders have to say. They are old, and will be dead or retired by the end of the decade. Their opinion should be irrelevant. It is time to pick the battles. The old Republicans are stupid, senile, and reactionary, and are completely incapable of challenging political enemies on a modern stage. Meanwhile, liberal Democrats have brainwashed the whole younger generation, and are on the verge of causing us economic collapse (not entirely their fault – ie. Bush). And all the Republicans can come up with is to scream the same reactionary, obstructionist things instead of coming up with new ideas. Here is a link to an article discussing the demographic reality.

Hosting forums on fighting Obamacare, heavy-handed regulations, gun control, and high taxes is all well and good. When taken out of context from the rest of the libertarian message though, it makes libertarianism repulsive to the left. It looks like a bunch of straight white males wearing bowties, complaining about welfare and taxes. We all know what reaction this triggers from liberals. The paragraphs below contain are the message that libertarians actually say. The highlighted bracketed sections are what liberals hear them say, at least when Koch Industries controls the message.

Poor people are arrested for drugs and other embellished charges because of the police state, and are sent to private prisons, and leave their families behind, and when they get off they have no choice but welfare. We need to stop the police state that ruins the lives of the poor, and then {cut the welfare that the poor have become dependent on} as they no longer will need it.”


“{We need to loosen regulations on American companies and remove mandatory union laws}, because corporate robber barons will go overseas to countries with CIA-backed dictatorships and exploit poor people in the third world, causing blue-collar Americans to lose their jobs and get on welfare. When the jobs return to America, {we should cut welfare}.”

Taken out of context, the libertarian looks exactly like the stereotype that statist liberals want to play up. The statist liberals are viciously dedicated to ruining the libertarian image in front of anti-war, pro-civil liberties liberals who should join the cause. And with their four-fifths of the media, Obama’s Hollywood friends, and poorly informed immature university students trying to rage out against their parents’ corny world, they have far more campaign power than any conservative or libertarian.

That brings us to Rand Paul, and his modus operandi for 2016. The word on the street is that Rand is a libertarian like his father, pretending his best to be an “establishment Republican”. As a result, he is incredibly careful about the libertarian things he says. Or is he? Despite the fact that Roe vs. Wade is upheld by the Supreme Court, that no one will ever overturn, he’s still wasting his time trying to appeal to the pro-life evangelical crowd. Supporting pro-life legislation does more harm than good in today’s climate, especially with the venomous reaction it causes from four-fifths of the media and the young activists. It is not a battle worth fighting.

Here is what Rand Paul has going for him.

  • He opposed the Syrian War

  • He’s opposing mandatory minimums for drugs

  • He’s opposed NSA espionage

  • He said GOP needs to “agree to disagree” on gay marriage

  • He filibustered drones

  • He supported an end to foreign aid (specifically to countries who persecute Christians)

  • He has pledged to filibuster Janet Yellen’s taking office of the Fed until it is audited. (Of course, given that most people know nothing about the Fed, the media outlets will likely portray this as Rand “being sexist and opposing a woman taking an key position”)

Of course, many Obama supporters will stick their head in the send and ignore all of these things. In terms of Syria, NSA, and drones, all liberal Democrats have to say is, “OF COURSE HE’S OPPOSING THE WAR BECAUSE HE’S JUST OBSTRUCTING OBAMA!!!!! IF BUSH WAS PRESIDENT, ALL THOSE STUPID FUCKING REPUBLICANS LOVE WAR AND WOULD BE SUPPORTING IT!!!!!!” Statements like the above were floating all over the media and internet during Rand’s filibuster.

Rand Paul is obviously not afraid of stating his opinion on the Civil Rights Act, which is that although he believes any discrimination enforced by law is utmost unconstitutional, and should be overturned, he believes that a privately-owned establishment has the right to refuse service to whomever for whatever reason. (To put this in context, private establishments in Southern states before 1964 had to comply with Jim Crow regulations enforced by the state government. The greater blame falls on state politicians, as opposed to private business owners.) Like Barry Goldwater in 1964, Rand Paul believes that the free market would end private discrimination.

If Rand Paul is willing to come out and state this rigid extreme libertarian opinion, then why the hell is he so afraid of promoting libertarian ideas about drug wars, foreign policy, the military-industrial complex, and the prison-industrial complex. Let everyone be warned, if Rand runs in 2016, his Goldwaterite opinion on the Civil Rights Act is the only thing Democrats will talk about it. They will repeat this over and over again, making it the headline every time Rand’s name is mentioned on the news.

I just trust that with every move Rand Paul makes, he is listening to his father on how to go about it. It is just time for Rand to come out as a libertarian on more issues than the typical Tea Party ideas. I am not sure why so many libertarians want to kiss the tushes of “establishment Republicans”, as Republicans are statistically and numerically doomed, by demographics and age. There are characters all over the media who will do whatever it takes to see Rand destroyed. The time to think ahead is now.  It is equally important to garner the support of common ground liberals and progressives as it is to take over the Republican Party. Anyone who does not see this is a fool.

14 thoughts on “Liberty Movement Cannot Just Rely on the Right

    • Technically the term is an oxymoron but I was referring to the things that liberals during the culture wars used to rage against: imperialism, crony capitalism, war, police state, etc.

  1. Well, thanks so much. I’ll just ride off into the sunset then. I’ve always been perfectly willing to leave when I’m not wanted. You might want to think a few times before you throw away your best allies but it’s your life. Enjoy socialism.

    • What is your campaign strategy then? I’ve laid out very clear what our political opponents are capable of, and the rhetoric they use. What would you propose?

    • Maybe like some of your co-writers, you should read my blog, averages about 800 words a day on our problems, solutions and such. Brandon seems to like some of them.

      Course my life would be easier if I just took my chubby, old , white, Republican butt off to die in peace, since you have all the answers.

    • @ NEO, took a look at your blog. I liked the energy theme. I see you are in Nebraska. Given the location, I presume, but could be wrong, that you are around by many conservatives who can win local office. Therefore you may not experience first hand many leftist activists. I could be wrong though.

    • Edcliberty, first, I owe you an apology, yesterday was a bad day, in way that have nothing to do with you. My reaction was one that happens, sometimes Libertarians who share somewhere between 50-90% of what we believe, get to denigrating us as well. It’s important to remember that we are individuals, not the choir that left so often is. We’re basically your allies, most of the time, we know it, and hope you do as well.

      I need to work more on energy, like everybody else I get distracted by the day-to-day, that said, government policies, especially EPA is going to strangle a lot of growth while not improving the environment.

      We don’t out here, Omaha and Lincoln have some. We do have problems with statist (and more or less corrupt) statist, the difference is they think they’re conservative (they are reactionary). I don’t know, in this one party atmosphere, how we are going to fix it. The RLC is doing some work on it which I applaud. Still, it’s better here than most places.

      Have a good day, and thanks for replying again.

    • Not on mine, but you should have my e-mail on the comments page, if not, I’ll check mine.

  2. edcliberty, I am inclined to agree with NEO that the movement needs “conservatives”, both within its ranks and as its allies. And I disagree on a few of your points, but I think the takeover the GOP route has always been and always will be a failure. I think it is fairly obvious that you weren’t really painting all these conservatives as ignorant bigots. Rather, you were describing them how the hard left sees them so that the reader could be shown just how easily conservatives can be painted a certain way on certain issues. Overall, I liked this piece.

  3. I’m not a libertarian so I have a slightly differnt take on things. I think there is a lot of room for growth of libertarian ideas among liberals. The incessant & ongoing NSA scandals have alienated many liberals from the Democratic party establishment. Personally, I’m just as disgusted with Diane Feinstein as with Dick Cheney. I will never again vote Republican as long as that party continues to be dominated by theocrats, teapublicans, and bigots. But how can I vote for the current Democrats? I voted for Ron Paul in one presidential election as a protest vote. Looks like I will have to have another protest vote in 2016 but I’d much rather have it be a vote for a viable candidate.

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