Around the Web

  1. Generation Libre: a French libertarian website (why don’t you have Google’s Chrome yet?)
  2. eigentümlich frie: a German magazine modeled after Reason
  3. Contrepoints: a French magazine modeled after Reason!
  4. Consortium of Defense Analysts: a new blog with lots of great maps
  5. The Umlaut: an American blog with a German-sounding name

In case you are wondering, many non-American libertarians refer to themselves as ‘liberals’ rather than libertarians because once upon a time, American libertarians were actually liberals. The American Left stole (surprise, surprise) the term ‘liberal’ and began to use it as their own. In response, Americans dedicated to individual freedom became libertarians. Hayek talks about the peculiarity of the term ‘liberal’ in the American context in his book the Constitution of Liberty.

Update: I had to edit the hell out of this post, mostly for grammar.

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