The Government Shutdown of 2013

Due to the lack of compromise over the budget plan for fiscal year 2014, involving the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, there has allegedly been a “government shutdown”. One would imagine that the traffic lights are out, there’s people throwing bricks through windows to steal loaves of bread, cars are abandoned all over the roads; etc… etc…


Wikipedia has compiled a list of the services of the government that have been shut down. Around 800,000 “unessential” federal workers from have been furloughed. Wikipedia’s official statement is: “The Federal Reserve is not affected by the Government shutdown as it is not dependent on Congressional appropriations for its funding.”

However, one should pay very careful attention to the agencies that have remained virtually untouched. Notice that none of these particular services have been shut down: police forces, military, and all the three letter agencies. What do all of these have in common? They all carry a loaded weapon at work.

The fact that all the Federal government’s armed personnel are still alive and well should wake people up to the reality of government’s purpose. “The government is not your friend”. This is not a silly anarchist slogan, nor is it statement that the government is your enemy. But it is not your friend, and is not there to be your friend, and was never intended to be your friend.

This is not an endorsement of an immature, egocentric Ayn Rand worldview. Or an implication of “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Bah humbug!” But Americans need to take a good hard look at how they’ve allowed themselves to become so dependent on a system that has proved to be unsustainable. In Matthew 7:24, it states clearly: “Do not build a house on a sandy foundation”.

This is not some cruel desire to see people in abject poverty, sick and dying in the streets. Those who talk of drastic government slashes overnight are as foolish as those who believes in the centralized government subsidizing everything.

Sustainability should always be the goal. It should not be considered unfair to ask why there are close to a million “unessential” people paid with Federal tax dollars. If such a catastrophe as this can happen, it is clear as day that the model is not sustainable. There’s no use blaming Obama or the Republicans because we as a nation have let things get out of hand.

The US is still in serious debt to China. The US government is using Chinese gold to pay for its projects. And he who foots the bill calls the shots. If the US government proves itself to be incapable of balancing their budget, then maybe the Chinese will do it for them. They are already starting to buy US companies. Maybe they will demand to manage and supervise government programs themselves.

This is not a tea partier rant. This is not an Ayn Rand pipe-dream. This is not an unoriginal Obama bashing. There is clearly a problem that has to be tackled.

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