A Note on Taxation

I have found it sensible to characterize taxation as a form of extortion. This is what it was when monarchs claimed that they owned the realm and everyone who occupied a part of it had to pay them for the privilege of utilizing it. Monarchs–at least many of them–believed that they own the country they happen to rule (because, some argued, God appointed them the caretaker of it). So if you make use of any portion, you need to pay them (taxes). It was just a “fee” extracted in return for the privilege of dipping into the monarch’s property.

One thought on “A Note on Taxation

  1. Taxes are no different than rent. You signed the lease/constitution which implies your agreement to the terms, which include rent/taxes. And if you think you didn’t sign, then you must admit you are not a “citizen”, because there must be a state or nation to be a citizen of, and neither exists (on this continent) except by constitution.

    It is very bad form to call the landlord a “thief”, as if you were not consuming the benefits of the apartment.

    If you refuse to pay as agreed, without just cause, then you are the thief, and you have initiated the aggression, justifying the landlord to apply the minimal force required to assure he is paid what you owe.

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