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  1. What if there really were mutants, X-Men style?
  2. Adam Smith’s anti-imperialism. Grab a cup of tea or coffee.
  3. More environmental destruction in China. We saw the same type of thing happen in eastern Europe and Russia during the Cold War. This destruction is also rampant in post-colonial states that have largely adopted a Leninist approach to state-building. This may just be part of a harsh learning curve that comes with economic development. After all, the property rights regimes that the West now has in place took hundreds of years to develop, and they could all be much, much better. On the other hand, it seems as if Beijing is undertaking many projects without even thinking about the consequences, much less the claims to property by its citizens that are already in place.
  4. Has the Fed Been a Failure? If you read one thing this weekend, let it be this.
  5. More on militias and the second amendment, by –Rick (check out his blog here)

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