6 thoughts on “Any Thoughts on the Election?

  1. Six Billion spent. No change in the balance of power. Obama re-elected, GOP controls House, Dems have the Senate. Exactly as it was before the election. Yeesh, at least it’s over.

  2. You’re a lot braver than I am coming out calling this thing, but I gotta go with the conventional wisdom and say Obama’s gonna win. But I can’t say that I’ve been following presidential politics (I did watch the first debate at least) much after the two conventions. Besides third party hacks of course. From what I hear, if it comes down to Ohio, the elction won’t really be over until November 17th because of their absentee rules. And I think the Republicans can take the Senate.

  3. I can’t talk about doing predictions but it seems that most of the polls agree that there is not going to be any change. As Invisible Mike mentioned, everything is going to be just as it was before… which is somehow in line with keimh3regpeh2umeg argument that politicians will all continue lying after the elections just as they have been doing so.

    I do wish that we will continue seeing structural changes in the dominant parties. The Republican party has slowly been moving toward major changes in its constituency. Hopefully, sooner than later there will be once again a party that stands for republicanism.

  4. I think Romney will win the Presidency, the Republicans will keep the House and not gain control over Harry Reid in the Senate. I think Senator Brown will win in a squeeker in MA and that Richard Tisei will defeat incumbent Representative Tierney. I’d like to see Sean Bilat win over Joe Kennedy, but in MA, the Kennedy name is like mentioning Jesus…the majority fawn and fight each other for the privilege of being first to lick his boots.

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