Libertarian Internationalism and the Problem of World Government

Recently, I posted some musings on the writings of many libertarian intellectuals concerning world government. It is important to distinguish, really quickly and in blog form, that libertarians are internationalists, and internationalists are individualists. Indeed, the only logical conclusion of individualism is internationalism.

When libertarians speak of world government, though, we are not speaking of economic planning as has been undertaken by national governments (vigorously and largely unopposed) since the turn of the 20th century. Indeed, Hayek saw the problems we now see with supranational economic planning in his 1944 book The Road to Serfdom:

Those who at least partly realize these dangers [national economic planning] usually draw the conclusion that economic planning must be done “internationally,” i.e., by some supranational authority. But though this would avert some of the obvious dangers raised by planning on a national scale, it seems that those who advocate such ambitious schemes have little conception of the even greater difficulties and dangers which their proposals create.

[…] one has only to visualize the problems raised by economic planning of even an area such as western Europe to see that the moral bases for such an understanding are completely lacking. Who imagines that there exist any common ideals of distributive justice such as will make the Norwegian fisherman consent to forego the prospect of economic improvement in order to help his Portuguese fellow, or the Dutch worker to pay more for his bicycle to help the Coventry mechanic, or the French peasant to pay more taxes to assist the industrialization of Italy?

[…] Planning on  an international scale, even more than is true on a national scale, cannot be anything but a naked rule of force, an imposition by a small group on all the rest […]

The libertarian/classical liberal recognizes the dangers associated with international economic planning, but why, then, is it the case that most libertarians advocate an international political order of some sort?

I hope to come back to this question shortly.

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