Some Chinese Links

I apologize again for my lack of blogging activity lately.  I will be done with Finals on Thursday!

I regularly read Shanghaiist, a webzine of culture in Shanghai specifically and China generally, and I just came across this great bit of reporting on the ouster of one of the Communist Party’s most outspoken reformers, Bo Xilai.

In the piece, a list of outrages and speculation of Mr. Bo’s ouster are reprinted from Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.  Here are a few of them:

@月冷芯寒: Politics is always above everything! (政治往往高于一切!)

@LHE板式换热器董作强: Big Sigh! (一声叹息啊!)

@有光有诚: He racked his brain, but ended up with nothing. (机关算尽,到头来一场空)

@心有灵犀2011: In Chinese history, no one who challenged central authority ended up well. (从中国历史上看,凡是挑战中央集权的都没有好下场)

@qiaoqiaolang: When Mao Zedong left, Socialism kept developing, when Deng Xiaoping left, Reform and Opening up continued to deepen. With Bo Xilai gone, the future of Chongqing is still bright! (毛泽东去了,社会主义继续发展,邓小平去了,改革开放继续深化,薄督走了,重庆未来仍然一片光明!)

Via @Isaacstonefish: Why don’t the people of Chongqing get to decide if he stays or goes? (为什么不是重庆人民来选择薄熙来的去留?)

Fascinating, no?  While I am no Sinologist, or even an aspiring Sinologist, this is so cool.  First of all, just think about Weibo for a second.  Yes, I know it was largely created to counter Twitter’s anarchic and foreign influence, but how on earth does Beijing really think it can control the voices of 300 million people, most of whom are Chinese in one sense or another?

China, when it becomes free of Communist control, will be a major boon for the world if Weibo is any indication of what Chinese culture is like.

On the other hand, here is some Chinese racism for you.  Racism is pretty common Han Chinese culture.  All the more reason to open it up to the world!

Here is Shanghaiist’s Facebook page.

Here they are on Twitter.

If you want, I highly recommend checking out Weibo’s website too.

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