Rick comments on the latest news

While googling a phrase to see if I’m creative (I don’t know if “Hayekian leisure class” is uniquely mine, but the first page of Google’s 78,000 results indicates yes), I found this interesting tidbit: Thorstein Veblen’s house sold (way back in 2004) for $1 million.

The developer is going to (already has? Already started to then went bust?) tear it down and build some sort of luxurious suburban palace. Ironic, but not as ironic as it could have been. Far more Veblenesque would have been leaving it standing as a conspicuously authentic status item.

I can’t find the specific house, but narrowing down to its area on Zillow (based on Internet commentary) leads me to believe that the property has been folded together into a larger lot, but would hypothetically be worth about $2 million today.