Thinking globally, as a dad, and as a libertarian

There’s no reason to keep writing. I have an nine month-old (nine-month old?) boy and a twenty-nine month-old girl. My vote doesn’t matter. I’ve lost my zest for ideas and events. Nobody cares what a libertarian has to say anymore, anyway. We’re back in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly and pettily bickering with each other about the stupidest things. We had our moment, we truly did, and it got flushed down the toilet along with the big, racist turds we dropped in the porcelain bucket.

Something in the world of ideas has turned stale. Or, I’ve gone stale. I don’t think I have, though. I’ve been reading plenty of books and plenty of internet, and much of it is enjoyable and provides me with a better sense of the world I inhabit. Has the world of ideas always been this stale? Has “the world of ideas” been a Big Lie to begin with, a cover-up invented by political strategists to influence youth and vie for power?

Libertarianism itself is no longer what I thought it was. Consider Syria. What’s a libertarian to do? A libertarian from the US would probably say that his country’s military leaving Syria is a good thing. A libertarian from Syria would probably say that the US leaving Syria is a bad thing. Actually, this is pretty cool now that I’ve thought about it. What is the libertarian position on Syria? Abandon it and regroup somewhere else? Would this “somewhere else” then become a fortress of libertarianism? Would it become a launching pad for military action, for violent acts of aggression against an equally violent polity?

Libertarianism seems to work great in an American institutional context, but what happens when libertarianism moves abroad? Now, I’m not about to go all sideways (to borrow a phrase from an old black cook that I know here in Texas). I’m still a libertarian, but only because it’s the least bad option out there. The world could use more liberty. This liberty can be gained through non-violent indigenous means most of the time. As a citizen of the world’s big, bad hegemon, this is the position I have a duty to take. If I was born in, say, Kurdistan, though, or Angola, violence might be the best least bad option to take en route to more liberty.

Edwin’s 2014 post continues to impress. Is this because I am getting older? Is this because I have other shit to do besides ensure (online…) that liberty remains as pure as possible?

6 thoughts on “Thinking globally, as a dad, and as a libertarian

  1. I often feel the same these days. What inspired me (I am taking about the US context) is that the current nationalist tide is simply a backlash reaction to the identitarian left. Eventually, the idea of individual liberty will kick in. After all, this idea is part of American “traditionalism” unlike other countries. Also, do not be so pessimistic about Syria. Even if I he country is controlled by Iranian and Russian authoritarians, if this stops the war and mass killings , this will be a good first step. Iranian and Russian regimes are in decomposed stare financially anyway and have little chances to linger on for long. May be Trump’s sanctions threats to cripple Turks economy is better than bombs? We will see. In the meantime, I suggedt that we fight the left. In my view, domestically, they are the major threat.

  2. Don’t lose heart.

    “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

  3. Maybe you are just tired. Anyone would be for much less than you have done. Take a break or pace yourself. You have done a stupendous job founding and managing NOL.

    • Thanks, and I’m gonna try to pace myself for a bit. No breaks though!

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