USA President Elections. View from Russia

Hello, NOL! Long time no blog. Now I want to share my thoughts on upcoming USA president elections in 2016. This event is very important for me, because I’m interested in American culture and history. I also think that this can be a trigger for reloading relationships between both our countries. So, I watch at pre-election race from position of a free thinker, who want to live in peaceful and secure world. It’s stupid to think about futurecoming President as about pro-Russian activist. It’s impossible, because, as we say in Russia, “your own shirt is closer to your body” which means “do good for yourself and your interests, and after all – for the rest of the world”. A kind of egoistic, but it works well. So I hope that President at least will not drag our relationships back in the times of Cold War.

Propaganda works well. A lot of people in Russia don’t even think about “spring” in relationships. More to say, some kind of russian patriots think that USA is a “territory of evil” and don’t want to have any relationships at all. Quite stupid position. Mono-polar world came to end with the Soviet Union and the truth is simple. We can’t develop without each other. It’s bright as day that we can’t affect on USA president elections, it’s USA business. It’s important for all russians to understand position of every single candidate and to have own opinion on this case: what can be done to improve our relationships and who can do that. Who will chose the path of collaboration and consolidation instead of self-destructive isolation?

Your opinions in comments area are always welcome!

5 thoughts on “USA President Elections. View from Russia

  1. Hi Evgeniy, welcome back. I’d love to read your views on the upcoming elections in the USA. Since I’m very opinionated, I’m more than willing to share my very biased views 😉

    With a few exceptions, the candidates on the Republican side are not likely to help re-establish amicable relations between the US and Russia. Many will express occasional praise for President Putin when he appeals to their authoritarian nature but the default position is Russia as ‘Evil Empire’ i.e. a great reason to increase defense spending. The most promising exception is Rand Paul. Not that I think very highly of Rand Paul, but he strikes me as the least hawkish and least likely to push foreign interventions as the basis of foreign policy.

    On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders may be the best bet, primarily because he is so focused on internal affairs. I suppose a visit to his website could come up with some foreign policy positions but domestic policy is where he devotes his attention. Hillary Clinton was involved in the ‘reset’ with Russia some time ago so it’s possible she would work to re-develop amicable relations but she is pretty hawkish in general….

    What’s your take?

  2. Hello, Terry! I agree with you, that Paul and Clinton are the best choises for both our countries. At least I think, that it’s not the worst exceptions. I’m a huge “fan” of Clinton family and very interested in Bill Clinton’s life and years of his hmmm… reign (don’t remember proper word). So I think that Hillary Clinton is a good choice.

    In Russia there’s not enough information about candidates at all. In press I’ve read only a couple of articles: one about Marco Rubio and one or two – about Donald Trump. Both seems to be not appropriate for rising relationship level. By the way, Trump is very popular in Russia, not as a candidate, but as a man, as a symbol of success with specific sense of humor.And there’s a lot of books about him in every single book store.

    I think I should check Mr. Sanders ideas somewhere on the web. Don’t know about him and his point of view.

  3. Thanks Terry and Evgeniy (welcome back!).

    I don’t like any of the presidential candidates. I suspect that most Americans don’t, either. If you do happen to run into an American who actually likes a presidential candidate, or a politician in general, then be sure to remind yourself that that person most likely depends on that politician for power or money (but not freedom).

    Hillary Clinton will not be good for relations with Russia. She is a multilateralist hawk (as opposed to a liberal realist, which is where most of the Notewriters stand), and no US allies at the moment are happy with Russia and her blatant disregard for international agreements. Now, I understand that the West violates international agreements all the time, too, so I am only trying to put Clinton’s likely foreign policy positions into context. Cool?

    The other presidential candidates are all over the map, dude, and frankly, Clinton will be our next president, so it might not be worth your time checking out their positions. If you want to learn more about the differing opinions of politicians on US foreign policy, then be sure to check out Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz. These three, along with Clinton, will give you a good idea of the various prominent factions in American foreign policy circles.

    • Thank you, Brandon! In Russia we have a qutation: “Pick the smalest of two evils”, which is mean that if you have two-three-four-etc. bad options – pick the best of them. Maybe Clinton will be the next president of U.S. at least it’s better than Trump, I think. But I’m not sure. I’ll check politicans that you offer.

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