Constitutional Political Economy and Jeopardy

Arthur Chu, the “mad genius” of Jeopardy has continued his streak with the power of game theory! But apparently many viewers are upset. Chu is playing within the rules of the game, but he’s been accused of being unsportsman like. He responded:

‘Being unsportsmanlike is calling your opponents names or refusing to shake their hands. It shouldn’t apply to playing the game as hard as you can and trying to win as hard as you can, within the confines of the rules.

‘Not giving my opponents a chance to answer’, to me, is just like not giving your opponents the chance to shoot in basketball or not letting them get within range of the goal in soccer. It’s not ‘unsportsmanlike’, it’s playing defense,’

We know that rules affect how people compete and that in spectator sports that affects how fun it is to watch. So Chu’s success might mean that Alex Trebeck has to change the rules to give viewers what they want. If he does, this is what I would have to say:


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