From the Comments: Manufacturing Jobs and American De-Industrialization

I hate to admit it, but Dr. Delacroix has been on fire lately (with the exception of his foreign policy quackery, of course). I pulled this reply out of the ‘comments’ section of his post on the de-industrialization of the United States. You can find the condescending comment to Dr. Delacroix’s post here, but I’m going to reproduce Dr. Delacroix’s whole reply beneath the fold:

John is the kind of guy who brings out the worst in me: He makes me pedantic, cutting, uncharacteristically ungracious, even nasty.

His reply starts with a big mistake that makes any dialogue difficult for me. What he describes in his first paragraph as “comparative advantage” simply is not. Since I have spent a lot of energy explaining this central idea on this blog. I don’t want to do it again. Perhaps, the Editor of Notes…, who knows my archives better than I do, will kindly give directions.

[but of course: see France Does Not Export Wines…, Shipping Jobs Overseas…, and Free Trade/Protectionism… for more details – bc]

John’s last paragraph is a statement of untruths: With world trade in general, with China in a sturdy second place (SECOND) as a trading country, it’s not a “handful of people” who have become richer, it’s nearly everyone or actually everyone. If John is young, he should begin reading about the recent past of general human welfare. If John is an old geezer like me, or getting there, he should shake his head smartly and try to collect together his own memories about the bad old days.

In general, John’s comment impels me soon to write an essay about what the word “theory” means:

“I fell from that wall and broke my back because I thought gravity theory only worked in theory, not in practice.”

Not too shabby, Dr. J. Too bad he’s wrong about so many other things!

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