Rand Paul: Filibusterer Extraordinaire

Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan is now going on 8 hours.

Mr. Brennan thinks that the use of drone strikes to kill enemies of the republic is perfectly legal, even on American soil.

No word – yet – on whether Mr. Brennan thinks it would be perfectly legal for a Republican to use drone strikes to kill American citizens.

6 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Filibusterer Extraordinaire

  1. No one ever accused me of being a Republican but even I have to admit that Rand Paul is a superstar for doing this.

  2. Filibuster – Rand Paul going old school Senate on them. You haven’t done Senate ’till you’ve done filibuster.

  3. You gotta hand it to him. All that has to be done to end the filibuster is for the POTUS or the AG to promise to abide by the Fifth Amendment. Come on, a 30 second statement to prevent hours of filibustering! Piece of cake! At a certain point wouldn’t the fact that it hasn’t been done yet be an admission of sorts that they are openly hostile to the Fifth Amendment? Not that we needed help figuring that out.

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