Around the Web

  1. The Future of Freedom Foundation has revamped its website. Be sure to give those guys some love.
  2. Reason on the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.
  3. For some reason I keep coming back to this blog. The writing is just superb.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Around the Web

    • Thanks for the heads up Hank! FEE is awesome! If you get the chance, try to enroll in one of their summer seminars. I learned a lot and gained many friends along the way. FEE’s President, Lawrence Reed, also lectures and is a very inspiring individual.

      He used to smuggle photocopiers into the Soviet Union and hang out with anti-communist guerrillas in Mozambique.

    • I’ve heard good things about FEE and Lawrence Reed. And despite the fact they are a half a century apart I sometimes confuse him with his predecessor Leonard Read, easy to do. Don’t get me started on FREE (there’s at least two of them!)

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