1. More death: Croatian literature Angela Woodward, LARB
  2. Immigrants as scapegoats Chris Dillow, Stumbling & Mumbling
  3. On the number and size of nations Alesina & Spolaore, NBER
  4. Lots of respectable people embraced eugenics Alan Judd, Spectator

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “Lots of respectable people embraced Eugenics”: And still do, , albeit less fashionably. And how can such a view be deprecated by any who hold up convenience abortion?

    • Apples and oranges, Jack. While there are some obvious and provable parallels between abortion and eugenics, abortion does not necessarily imply eugenics. The legality of abortion has proven to be a net good in the US, and may yet still become cheap if government subsidies cease.

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