1. How the Arabic language spread Barnaby Rogerson, History Today
  2. Post-Ottoman ethnic cleansing Christopher Kinley, Origins
  3. Legal decentralization and the Ottoman Empire NOL
  4. Fear of a gold planet Larry White, Alt-M

4 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Before I read the articles here, I wanted to ask you what, in your opinion, links these articles together by grouping them as such? Or am I assuming a connection? Regards.

    • Just ’cause it’s old doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it 😉

  2. No, I meant is there a thematic connection?

    Ie. Two are on the Ottomans, one on Arabic (ie an Islamic link). The last one is one’s about gold but from a contemporary perspective. Presumably, one of the other articles discusses gold?

    Otherwise that would be the odd one out, right?

    • Ah, gotcha.

      A gold standard piece does seem the odd man out, but I think it fits in nicely with the other examples of liberty struggling against an imposed order.

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